Earthdawn RPG Empty Thrones


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Empty Thrones is a 160-page campaign sourcebook detailing monumental events in Barsaive. Uhl Denairastas, First Minister of Iopos, dies under mysterious circumstances with no proclaimed heir. Orbiting around this presumed assassination are spies, thugs, and schemers desperate to claim the Malachite Seat. This book details five specific moments and includes setting information, adventure frameworks, and a look into how these events shape their world. With this book, gamemasters can have their players infiltrate an Iopan spy-ring, become involved in the City of Ash’s revolution, negotiate a peace in southwest Barsaive, and determine whether or not the City of Thieves is worth saving. Above it all, the dragons and their children look on to determine the actions that must be taken to prepare Barsaive for the future. While each of these events could potentially serve as a stand-alone campaign, they can also be linked together in an epic-style campaign designed to take characters across western Barsaive and progress them from Fifth to Ninth circle. Empty Thrones provides information you need to set your own adventures in four locales: Councilor Plaza, a district in Iopos’s Clansward; the citadels of occupied Jerris; the fishing village of Freewater on the border of Cara Fahd; and Kratas’s port-city of Daiche. With adventures hooks, frameworks, and villains designed to threaten tables of Journeyman and Warden tier, this book provides gamemasters with ample resources to support hours of play.